KEUM-BOO: It's all in the details

Having been around for thousands of years, the ancient Korean gilding technique of Keum-Boo is a method of applying 24K gold to silver through the use of heat and pressure. Though several different metals can be used, (such as iron, copper and platinum for example) my preference is to combine it with sterling silver for silver's ability to be both a light colored silver, or darkened with the addition of a patina. Each piece goes through a lengthy process of depletion gilding, which brings a layer of fine silver to the surface for the gold to be adhered to. Tiny intricate pieces of gold foil sheet are then cut into their desired shape and adhered to the silver using heat and pressure. All my work receives this exacting attention to detail and craftmanship. As a result, each piece is brought to life with gleaming contrasting tones and playful patterns, creating my signature archaic aesthetic. For every woman should feel like they’re wearing a piece of treasure.