Product Care

All of my Beth Lagerberg artisan gemstone jewelry collections are created from sterling silver and several different karats of gold. Because I want you to have a lifetime of wearing your treasured piece, I include a small piece of cleaning cloth in each purchase. Sterling silver naturally oxidizes and darkens over time by exposure to sulfur in air and chemicals. To keep your piece looking clean and bright, gently wash your item with a mild soap, warm water and a soft toothbrush if needed, and dry with a soft cotton or flannel cloth. If further polishing is needed, you may use the polishing cloth provided taking note to use it sparingly around areas that are intentionally meant to be antiqued as part of the design. Please take off your piece before coming into contact with chemicals such as household cleaners, lotions, hair sprays, salt water, and chlorine. The lab created gemstones I use, although very durable, can be chipped or scratched, so care should be taken to prevent dropping your piece or having it come into contact with a hard surface. The use of an ultrasonic cleaner or any commercial silver cleaner or tarnish remover is not recommended.