Rejuvenate Your Mind Body And Spirit

Take your hair appointment to a whole new level with the art of reiki energy balancing

Reiki Pricelist

Reiki Scalp Massage Treatment

$35-15 Minutes / $70-30 Minutes

Take your salon experience to the next level as you sit back, take a deep breath and relax while your scalp and spirit are treated to some much-needed TLC. First, custom tailored oils specific to your scalp's individual needs are applied to the head. Then, using a unique blend of both Swedish and Indian head massage techniques, let your stress and tension melt away as I combine this with Reiki energy therapy to your upper Chakra energy centers. You will leave feeling relaxed, renewed and light as a feather.

Full Body Reiki Session

$50-30 Minutes / $90-60 Minutes / $135-90 Minutes

Achieve deeper relaxation, grounding, mental clarity and full body energetic balancing with a soothing Full Body Reiki Session. Combined with a mix of intention setting, meditative visualization and breathwork, serene music and essential oils for the senses, your session will leave you with warm feelings of being grounded, a deep sense of peaceful calm, and in a state of sheer relaxation.

Reiki Packages

Full Body Reiki Session (60 Minutes) and Reiki Scalp Massage Treatment

$125-1 Hour 15 Minutes

Dive deeper into your wellness journey and let your body melt into a therapeutic state of relaxation as you treat your mind, body, spirit and scalp to this full-length Reiki Session combined with my signature Reiki Scalp Massage Treatment. This is perfect for those looking for full body energy balancing as well as tension relief with massage through your scalp's pressure points. You will leave feeling peaceful and centered, profoundly relaxed, and thoroughly rejuvenated.

Full Body Reiki Session (60 Minutes), Reiki Scalp Massage Treatment and Shampoo/Blowout

$172-2 Hours

Treat yourself to wellness on the inside as well as the outside with several hours of this intensely pampering package. First, rejuvenate your spirit and scalp with a 60- minute Full Body Reiki Session combined with my signature Reiki Scalp Massage Treatment. Then we will finish with a refreshing clarifying shampoo and polished blow out to complete your session. Not only will you look amazing, but you will feel amazing and completely renewed as well.

Full Body Reiki Session (60 Minutes), Reiki Scalp Massage Treatment, Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment and Shampoo/Haircut/Blowout

$222-2.5 Hours

Give yourself the ultimate gift of healing for your mind, body, spirit, scalp and hair! Join me for several hours of TLC as your wellness journey starts with treating your scalp with my therapeutic signature Reiki Scalp Massage Treatment. Then we move on to treating your hair with a luxuriously foamy shampoo and customized Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment tailored directly to your hair's biggest need. Next we design and create a haircut and blowout that brings out your best and confident you. Then, taking your relaxation to the next level, melt into a 60-minute energy balancing Full Body Reiki Session to finish off your afternoon of complete rejuvenation. Leave with a glow inside and out and feeling completely pampered like you've never experienced before.



Reiki is a sacred Japanese form of energy healing which originated in the early 1920's that works much like acupuncture. It is based on energetic principles and is practiced in many hospitals, medical settings, and in private practice all around the world. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". Together they mean spiritually guided life force energy.


Reiki promotes stress reduction and relaxation by encouraging a healthy flow of energy through the body. This in turn promotes the recipients self-healing on three levels: the mind/emotions, the body and the spirit. When the mind and body are relaxed, the body can work to repair and heal and the mind may function with more clarity. It is very gentle, natural, safe and also very powerful. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Preparing For Your Reiki Session

Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing and anticipate a relaxing hour devoted to your physical and mental well-being. Optimally, plan to allow quiet time in your schedule after your session, about 15-30 minutes or so (much like after receiving a massage), to integrate and enjoy the relaxation, calm and feelings of enhanced well-being.

What Is A Reiki Session Like?

Reiki treatments typically last about 60-90 minutes, with some extra time taken before your appointment to consult and answer any questions you may have. We will also spend some time to sit and discuss our session afterwards. During a Reiki treatment, the recipient lies on a massage table fully clothed, as the Reiki practitioner gently places their hands, palms down, on or just hovering above your body in specific energy locations. At the practitioner's hand placements, you may feel a very slight tingling, heat, or energy, or nothing at all. The sensations or lack of are not a barometer of the Reiki, they are just how your particular body senses energy. You may feel a peace and calm in your mind or physically in general. It is different for all clients but deep relaxation is almost always felt.